Student Accommodation Living Room Refurbishment Ideas

By implementing these student accommodation living room refurbishment ideas, you can design a communal space that fosters social interactions and supports students’ academic and leisure needs. Our experts have written a comprehensive guide to turning your living room into a hub of comfort and camaraderie.


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Upgrade furniture for comfort and collaboration

Begin your living room transformation by upgrading furniture that promotes comfort and collaboration among students.

Invest in versatile seating options such as sectional sofas, bean bags, and modular furniture that can be rearranged for group discussions or study sessions.

Provide ample seating to accommodate all residents, ensuring everyone feels welcome and included.

Lighting for productivity and relaxation

Effective lighting enhances the living room’s ambiance and functionality.

Incorporate a combination of overhead lights, task lighting, and floor lamps to provide optimal illumination for various activities. Consider adjustable lighting options that cater to study needs as well as relaxed leisure time.

Decor for a vibrant atmosphere

Transform the living room’s aesthetic by introducing decor that reflects the vibrancy of student life.

Incorporate colourful throw pillows, artwork, and vibrant area rugs that inject energy into the space. Choose a design theme that resonates with the young demographic and creates a sense of unity among residents.

Entertainment hub ideas

Enhance the living room’s entertainment offerings to facilitate social interactions and leisure activities. Provide a flat-screen TV with gaming consoles and streaming services for movie nights and gaming tournaments. Set up a designated area for board games and puzzles, encouraging residents to engage in shared pastimes.

Provide smart storage solutions

Efficient storage solutions are essential in shared living spaces. Install storage units like shelving, cubbies, and storage ottomans that help residents keep their belongings organised. Ample storage minimises clutter and contributes to a tidy and inviting living room.

Colour palettes for positive vibes

Choose colour palettes that evoke positive emotions and foster an inspiring atmosphere. Bright and lively colours can boost residents’ moods and create an uplifting environment.

Use wall art and decor in complementary shades to reinforce the room’s energetic ambiance.

Cosy textiles for comfort

Introduce cosy textiles that enhance comfort. Provide soft blankets, floor cushions, and plush rugs that encourage relaxation and lounging. These textures contribute to a welcoming and homely feel to your student let property.

Creating a community space

By embracing these student accommodation living room refurbishment ideas, you’re creating a communal space that adds significant value to your student property. Comfortable furniture, thoughtful decor, and entertainment options not only enhance your tenants’ stay but also provide them with a place to connect, collaborate, and unwind.

A refurbished living room reflects your commitment to fostering a positive and enriching living experience, ensuring your student accommodation remains a sought-after residence for academic and social success.

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