Top Holiday Home Improvements to Add Value

In this comprehensive guide to holiday home improvements, we will explore how refurbishing different areas of your property, such as the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and conservatory, can add value. According to our luxury property refurbishment experts, a well-maintained and tastefully refurbished holiday home not only attracts more bookings but also justifies higher rental rates, ultimately increasing your holiday letting income.

Our holiday letting agents also discuss the importance of continuous maintenance and explore some additional quick wins to maximise your holiday home’s potential.

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Why refurbishing your holiday home will add value

installation team making holiday home improvements in st andrews (1)

Refurbishing your holiday home is an investment that yields multiple benefits:

1) Attracting more guests

A refurbished holiday home with modern amenities and stylish interiors is more likely to attract potential guests, increasing its demand and bookings.

2) Higher rental income

A beautifully refurbished holiday home can command higher rental rates from holiday makers. Having higher quality features and furnishings will allow you to generate more income from your property.

3) Positive reviews and repeat bookings

Guests who have a pleasant experience in a well-refurbished holiday home are more likely to leave positive reviews and return for future stays, enhancing your property’s reputation.

4) Property longevity

Making holiday home improvements can improve the condition of your holiday home, leading to reduced wear and tear and increasing its longevity and value over time.

Making holiday home improvements via refurbishment

Refurbishing different areas of your holiday home can significantly add value and enhance your guest’s experience. Here are key areas to consider:

Refurbishing your bathroom

modern bathroom with white walls, oak laminate and white furnishings before a holiday home refurbishment projectafter shot of beige bathroom with shower and bathtub following st andrews property co holiday home improvements


  • Upgrade old fixtures with modern, water-efficient ones.
  • Consider installing rainfall showers, heated towel rails, and elegant taps for a luxurious feel.
  • Refresh your bathroom with contemporary, stylish tiles to create a clean and inviting space. Neutral colours or coastal-themed tiles work well for holiday homes in St Andrews
  • Ensure adequate lighting in the bathroom. Bright and well lit bathrooms feel more spacious and inviting to your guests.

Improving your kitchen

tiled kitchen with white walls and dining table st andrews holiday homesa photo of our east cottage property let after making holiday home improvements open plan kitchen with gold lights, a bar with stools, and pink chair

  • Invest in energy-efficient and modern kitchen appliances that not only improve functionality but also appeal to guests.
  • Replace old countertops with durable and attractive materials like compressed laminate or quartz. This can instantly elevate the kitchen’s look.
  • A fresh coat of paint in a light and neutral colour, while a simple holiday home improvement, can make the kitchen feel brighter and more spacious.

Ideas for your living room

small st andrews holiday home dining space before refurbishmentmodern kitchen with oak floor, black, white, and blue colours after the st andrews property co team helped improve holiday let

  • Provide comfortable and stylish seating options for guests to relax and unwind.
  • Install a smart TV and consider providing access to streaming services for entertainment such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
  • Add tasteful decorative elements like cushions, throws, and artwork to create a cosy and inviting ambiance for your holiday let guests.

Bedroom refurbishment

empty bedroom with double bed in st andrews holiday homest andrews holiday home bedroom with double bed blue and white theme after refurbishment

Creating inviting and well-appointed bedrooms in your holiday let property in St. Andrews is key to ensuring guest comfort and satisfaction.

  • Comfortable and high-quality bedding and mattresses are essential for providing guests with a restful sleep experience. Opt for luxurious linens, pillows, and duvets that exude a sense of indulgence and relaxation.
  • In rooms where space is limited, opt for multifunctional furniture such as storage beds with drawers underneath or foldable beds that can be tucked away when not in use.
  • Consider adding zip and link bedding to some of the bedrooms. This versatile bedding option allows you to configure beds as either one large bed or two separate twin beds. This flexibility is particularly valuable for accommodating groups of unrelated guests who may prefer separate sleeping arrangements.
  • Decorate each bedroom with a consistent theme or style that complements the overall aesthetic of your holiday let. Use soft, soothing colours and furnishings that create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere for guests to unwind in.
  • Add thoughtful touches such as bedside lamps, blackout curtains that enhance the functionality of the space. Consider providing a selection of books or magazines for guests to enjoy during their stay.
  • If your holiday let property is frequently booked by groups, consider including bunk beds or sofa beds in some of the bedrooms. This enables you to accommodate more guests without compromising on comfort or space.
  • If possible, designate some bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, providing guests with added privacy and convenience.  mobility considerations.

Refurbishing your conservatory

  • Ensure the conservatory is well-insulated and has efficient heating or cooling options to make it usable throughout the year.
  • Choose functional yet stylish furnishings that are comfortable and suitable for the conservatory’s intended use, whether it’s a dining area, relaxation space, or a reading nook.
  • Add some indoor plants to create a fresh and vibrant atmosphere in the conservatory.

Add value in the garden

overgrown garden with broken stone masonry st andrews holiday homebackyard with green lawn, two trees and stone masonry after a holiday home improvement project

The garden is often the last place a holiday home owner considers ‘refurbishing’ and often the first thing a holiday maker sees. Especially in the summer, having a welcoming outdoor space for your guests is a sure-fire way of adding value to your holiday let property value.

  • Consider adding outdoor seating areas, such as a patio or deck, for relaxation and dining.
  • Plant low-maintenance, local plants to create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Three plants local to St Andrews include the common foxglove, creeping buttercup and common hawthorne
  • Install outdoor lighting to extend the usability of the garden into the evenings.
  • Add practical elements like a BBQ area, fire pit, hot tub or even an outdoor bar area to enhance your guests’ holiday experience.
  • Ensure easy access to the garden from the holiday home, making it a seamless extension of the indoor living space.

How continuous maintenance can add value

Continuous maintenance is key to preserving your holiday home’s value, our “lighten the load” team perform ongoing maintenance for the properties we manage. Here’s how ongoing maintenance can help to improve a holiday let:

  1. Ongoing maintenance means you will attend to repairs quickly to prevent small issues from turning into more significant problems.
  2. Maintain the exterior of the property, including the garden and outdoor spaces, to enhance curb appeal.
  3. Regularly cleaning the holiday home ensures it is in top condition before each guest’s arrival.
  4. Ensuring that all amenities provided in the holiday home, such as the hot tub, swimming pool, or BBQ area, are well-maintained and functioning correctly will help your property maintain its value.

The same goes for improving a student let property too.

Adding value via accessibility

Avoid losing potential guests because your holiday home isn’t suitable for them. Improving the accessibility of a holiday home is essential to accommodate all guests, including those with mobility challenges or disabilities. Here are some accessibility holiday home improvements to consider:

Ramps and handrails

Install ramps at the entrance and any steps to provide smooth access for wheelchair users. Include sturdy handrails for support and stability.

Wide doorways

Ensure doorways are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs or mobility aids comfortably.

Level flooring

Minimise thresholds or use low-profile ones to create a level surface throughout the holiday home, making it easier for wheelchair users to move around.

Bathroom adaptations

Install grab bars, raised toilet seats, and roll-in showers with fold-down seating in bathrooms to enhance accessibility.

Bedroom modifications

Ensure at least one bedroom is on the ground floor to cater to guests who cannot use stairs easily.

Lowered countertops

Lower kitchen countertops to accommodate guests who use wheelchairs or have difficulty reaching high surfaces.

Lever handles

Replace doorknobs with lever handles for easier operation, especially for guests with limited hand strength.

Ample turning space

Ensure there is enough space in rooms and hallways for wheelchair users to turn around comfortably.

Visual and audible alerts

Install visual and audible alerts in case of fire or emergencies, benefiting guests with hearing or visual impairments.

Clear signage

Use clear and easy-to-read signage to guide guests to accessible facilities, like accessible parking spaces and entrances.

Adequate lighting

Ensure all areas are well-lit to aid guests with visual impairments and prevent accidents.

Furniture placement

Arrange furniture to create enough space for wheelchair users to navigate freely.

Safe outdoor spaces

Make sure outdoor areas, such as gardens and patio spaces, are accessible with smooth pathways and appropriate seating options.

Accessible parking

Provide designated accessible parking spaces close to the entrance of the holiday home.

By making these accessibility holiday home improvements, you can create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all guests, making their holiday experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Additionally, promoting the accessibility features of your holiday home can attract a broader range of guests, including those who specifically seek accessible accommodation.

Extra value adding quick wins to consider

improve holiday let with a hot tub (1)

In addition to refurbishment and continuous maintenance, consider these 6 quick wins to further enhance your holiday home’s value

1. Personal Touches: Add personal touches to make the holiday home feel homely and welcoming. Consider leaving a welcome basket with local treats and a guest guidebook with recommendations.

2. High-Speed Internet: Providing high-speed internet is essential for most guests. Explore the fastest options in your area.

3. Security Measures: Install security features such as outdoor lighting, secure locks, and security cameras to ensure your guests feel safe during their stay.

4. Eco-Friendly Practices: Implement eco-friendly practices such as recycling facilities, energy-efficient appliances, and low-flow fixtures to attract environmentally-conscious guests.

5. Add a hot tub – Who doesn’t want to relax in a hot tub when they are on holiday? Add a premium feel and stand out from your competition by fitting a hot tub or a Sauna in your holiday home can add a lot of value.

6. Install a log burner – A welcome addition, especially in countryside locations, a log burner can foster a sense of comfort in the holiday maker, help them to relax and warm up on those cold winter nights!

Holiday home improvements FAQs

Are holiday home improvements worth the investment?

Yes, holiday home improvements can be worth the investment as they enhance the property’s appeal, attract more guests, and potentially increase rental income.

However, it’s essential to carefully plan improvements and consider their potential return on investment. Find out more about the costs and potential returns of refurbishing your property.

What are some budget-friendly holiday home improvements?

Budget-friendly improvements include repainting walls, updating furnishings and decor, adding outdoor seating, and enhancing curb appeal with landscaping.

Should I hire professionals for holiday home improvements?

Hiring professionals can ensure high-quality work and save time. For complex projects or major renovations, professional help is recommended. However, some DIY improvements can be done with careful research and basic skills.

Get in touch to discuss holiday home improvements and refurbishment projects, our team will be happy to discuss your options.

How can I improve energy efficiency in my holiday home?

Improving insulation, using energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting, and upgrading windows and doors can enhance energy efficiency in your holiday home, reducing utility costs.

What safety considerations should I address during holiday home improvements?

Safety considerations include installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, ensuring adequate lighting in walkways and staircases, and using non-slip flooring in bathrooms.

Can I claim tax deductions for holiday home improvements?

The majority of improvements to your holiday home will be tax deductible, and you should seek advice from your accountant to maximise your tax relief.

How can I make my holiday home more appealing to guests?

Make your holiday home more appealing by focusing on cleanliness, providing modern amenities, creating comfortable and stylish spaces, and showcasing the unique features of the property.

What permits and permissions do I need for holiday home improvements?

Depending on the scope of the improvements, you may need building warrants, listed building consent or planning permission from local authorities. Check with your local council or planning department to ensure compliance.

Can I charge higher rental rates after making improvements?

Yes, improving your holiday home can justify higher rental rates, especially if you have added desirable features, modernised amenities, or enhanced the overall guest experience.

How do I market my holiday home after making improvements?

Market your holiday home by updating property listings with new photos showcasing the improvements. If you highlight the added value and benefits guests will enjoy during their stay due to the improvements.

Use social media, online platforms, and your website to promote the upgrades and attract potential guests.

Final thoughts on making holiday home improvements

Improving your holiday home through refurbishment, continuous maintenance, and thoughtful enhancements is a smart investment that pays off in increased rental income and guest satisfaction.

By creating a comfortable and stylish retreat, you can attract more guests, command higher rental rates, and cultivate positive reviews and repeat bookings.

Whether it’s updating the bathroom, modernising the kitchen, or maintaining the property’s amenities, taking the time and effort to invest in your holiday home will undoubtedly lead to long-term success.

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