Creating the Perfect Student Let | The Essentials for Landlords

To ensure your St Andrews student letting property becomes a sought-after residence, it’s essential to furnish it thoughtfully with the necessities that cater to students’ needs. In this article, we’ll guide you through the essentials to include in each room and provide an inventory list that you can refer to when setting up your student let property.

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Renting to students in the UK requires getting a few fundamentals right, let’s break them down in detail:

Bedroom essentials and inventory list

student let essentials

  • Comfortable Bed: Invest in sturdy and comfortable beds with supportive mattresses to ensure a good night’s sleep.
  • Bedding: Provide pillows, pillowcases, sheets, and duvets to keep students warm and cosy.
  • Study area
  • Desk and chair: Furnish the room with a spacious desk and a comfortable chair for studying.
  • Desk lamp: Ensure proper lighting for focused study sessions.
  • Storage: Ample storage space, like a wardrobe, for clothing and personal items and shelves for additional storage for books, study materials, and belongings.
  • Window Coverings: Curtains or blinds ensure privacy and control over natural light.
  • Mirror: Provide a full-length mirror for convenience.
  • Rubbish Bin: A small bin for keeping the room tidy.

Kitchen essentials and inventory list

holiday home inventory list for the kitchen with wooden floor, kitchen table, sleek kitchen counters, oven, coffee tea houseplants on the windowsill


  • Fridge/Freezer: Ample space for storing groceries.
  • Oven/Stove: Cooking facilities for preparing meals.
  • Microwave: Quick heating and cooking option.
  • Kettle: For making tea, coffee, and instant meals.

Cookware and utensils

  • Pots and Pans: Assortment of sizes for cooking.
  • Cooking Utensils: Spatula, ladle, tongs, etc.
  • Cutlery: Knives, forks, spoons
  • Plates, Bowls, and Glasses: Sufficient for each tenant.

Cleaning supplies

  • Broom and dustpan: For regular cleaning.
  • Dishwashing supplies: Detergent, sponge, dishcloth.
  • Bin bags: For proper waste disposal.

Living / common area essentials


  • Sofas: Comfortable seating for relaxation.
  • Dining table and chairs: For shared meals and group study.


  • TV with necessary cables and remote.
  • Wi-Fi Router to provide reliable internet connectivity.

Shared supplies

  • Notice board for important announcements.
  • Fire extinguisher and first aid kit to ensure safety measures are in place.

Bathroom essentials

student let essentials

  • Shower/Bath, don’t forget to ensure proper water pressure and temperature control.
  • Sink
  • Vanity mirror with storage space, full-length mirror.
  • Toilet which is properly functioning
  • Towels, bath towels and hand towels, one set for each tenant.
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand soap, ensure cleanliness.
  • Shelves or cabinets to provide space for toiletries and personal items.

General considerations

Safety features

  • Smoke Alarms, ensure safety regulations are met, such as having interlinked fire alarms, see government guidance following the introduction of a new law in February 2022.
  • Provide secure locks on bedroom doors.

Furniture durability

  • Opt for sturdy and durable furnishings that can withstand regular use.

Quality over quantity

Focus on providing quality essentials rather than overcrowding the space.

By thoughtfully curating and including these essentials in your student let property, you’re setting the stage for a comfortable and conducive living environment that students will appreciate.

As you create a space where tenants can study, relax, and feel at home, you’re not only securing your investment but also contributing to their academic journey and overall well-being.

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